My name is Rocky. My human parents rescued me when I was a tiny baby. I was fed with an eye dropper for several weeks, every two hours, by my mom. My blog will follow my daily adventures. And believe me I have a lot of them!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rest In Peace, little Rocky

I am heartbroken to have to say that Rocky died this afternoon. He had been in and out since we let him free. He had been inside since Saturday morning and was fine. This afternoon he wasn't acting like himself and died shortly after Richard got home from work. He was in his bed with his little "hands" crossed. :(

Enjoying fresh air and his freedom.

These were taken this afternoon, he just wanted me to hold him.

His final resting place. We will miss him so much.

I will be uddating his blog(and mine) in a day or two. I want to share some great pictures I got of him enjoying his freedom!


  1. I am so sorry. RIP Rocky. I'll be praying y'alls hearts feel better soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about the little guy. He knew he was loved and he certainly seemed to enjoy his time both outside and snuggling with you. It must be heartbreaking.

    Mango Momma

  3. OMG! How terribly sorry. xxx

  4. Poor little Rocky. I'm sorry.
    I'm teary-eyed for him.

    I just wanted you to know, that this has been one of my favorite blogs, I've always loved seeing Rocky's antics.

  5. I posted this on your blog but again wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss. He was indeed something special.

    I like the final resting place you made for him - very sweet.

  6. I am so very sorry for your loss. We all loved Rocky in our household. He will be missed by many.



  7. SO SO SO sorry, we had just gotten to know Rocky & were sad when he had to be set free and now this....hugs to you & your family!! But he will be waiting for you @the Rainbow Bridge, see you later lil guy.

    Shelly, Murfee & Maizee xoxoxo

  8. Me and Trixi are sending lots of purrs and purrayers your way!

  9. I'm so sowwy i didn't know
    Wocky. He looks like he was a sweet and wondewful squiwwel boy. I'm so sowwy fow youw loss. I hope he's munching delicious nuts and wunning fwee in heaven. My gwandfathew was a pwisonew of waw in wussia a billion yeaws ago and had a pet wed squiwwel named Basil. he kept him company and got him thwough some howwibull times. RIP little Wocky
    smoochie kisses

  10. Hi, I am so sorry to hear about Rocky. He knew he was loved and I am sure he loved you both too. He probably enjoyed his freedom too. Our prayers and thoughts are with your family as you will miss him. ANy pets are special to us.


  11. Oh, boy. I'm a squirrel rescue person and ... I've had a few similar experiences. I am aching still. I miss Mrs Squirrel, my first ever, and have been missing her for a over a decade. My last squirrel passed a year ago at the ripe age of 9. My empathy... Let's be positive here. Rocky, Mrs Squirrel and many more are pain free and had a good life. :)

  12. Am so sorry
    We all so enjoyed getting to know Rocky
    Thank you for sharing so many sweet stories with us all

  13. OH NOOOO :( I am so sorry for your loss :( Rocky seemed like such a spirited little fellow, and he will be missed. Thank you for all of your stories.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Rocky. I've been following this blog through "Olive", and it's been great fun seeing all the pictures of such an unusual pet.

  15. I'm so sorry to hear that!!! :'(

  16. Big woofie hugs to you! I just found your blog and read about Rocky. Sending prayers and doggie hugs to you! :) :)