My name is Rocky. My human parents rescued me when I was a tiny baby. I was fed with an eye dropper for several weeks, every two hours, by my mom. My blog will follow my daily adventures. And believe me I have a lot of them!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Parts of ME!

Hi, this is me! Mom says most people don't get to see a squirrel up close, so we decided to let you see ME!

My twitching, litle nose. Mom says I stick my nose in everyone's business. Yea, so....that's what I'm good at!

This is the under side of my beautiful, bushy tail. I am so proud of my tail. I like to flip it around when I an excited about something.

Check out the nails on my "hand"! Dad has to trim them at least twice a week. Mom says they are sharp as razors, whatever that means.

This is the bottom of my back foot. Mom likes to rub my feet! It tickles, LOL!

If you check out my mom's blog, she has even more pictures of ME!


  1. Hi Rocky
    Very intersting. With those claws, is that how you guys hang from the littlest twig branch and not break it?? We all figured that you squirrels must be made of fluff!! lol

    How do you like living with a human family? Does your mom dress you up or anything? Our friend Lorenza is the best dressed dog around. Her grandma makes all her really cute dresses.

    Do you watch the other squirrels outside? I am a very inquisite Scottie~~My aunt Linda says I am nosey too, but I figure hows a girl gonna know if she doesnt ask right??


  2. Jazzi gave us your address and we all rushed over here. We are huuuge squirley fans/followers/lovers. My momma used to run a rescue out of our home for years. We recently lost the love of our lives, our beloved girly Ashley. She was nine! So excited to find your blog. Thanks Jazzi
    Twinkie the tiny Chi

  3. Thanks for the tour of your little furry self. I have never seen squirrel foot bottoms. Those are cool. Must be how you guys climb so well.

    Didn't see your toofers. I expect they are impressive.


  4. Jazzi sent us over... I have never seen a pet squirrel before...I must admit, squirrels are usually not very nice to me :( I am a Lab/Boxer Puppy in Texas..and they taunt me here, at least in our neighborhood.

    You do look nice and cute :) Maybe you can put in a good word for me?

    Licks from me!!


  5. Woof! Woof! Sent by Jazzi ... saying hello n checking out your blog. You're for REAL. A squirrel pet ... I have a chipmunk friend who lives outdoors (my backyard) ... I named him FRED. Looking forward to be blog friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Hi my name is Remington! I hope we can be friends. You are beautiful! We LOVE squirrels but none of the ones in our yard would let us pick them up! Nice to meet you --love the pics!

  7. Hi, Jazzi sent us over to meet you! We are so glad she did! You are so cute. I loved seeing the bottom of your foot. Very intresting!!!
    I like what I see and will come back. You could come see me too, OK?
    Pets, Bambi and & Fern

  8. Yes, Rocky!
    This is the first time I see your body parts!
    Your paws are PAWesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Hi Rocky! We read about you on Jazzi's blog! You sure have cute tootsies!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. You are just too cute, Rocky. Love your little feet. I would have to tickle them, too.


  11. Hey Rocky! you are a cutie. My first time to see a pet squirrel.

  12. Nice to see you up close Rocky! You're a handsome boy!

  13. Hi Rocky,
    Has your Mama come to any blogs that had come to see you??? You just click on the title of the comment and that takes you to there blog so you can comment on their blog. Come and see us ok???

  14. Wow, it is awesome to meet u! I think your hoomans are neat. Ur paws kinda look like mine. :)

  15. Hi Rocky,
    I found out about you through Animal Lover/Quilt Lover...I just cruised down her blogroll and when I saw the words "pet squirrel" I was curious so here I am and I am now your new follower! I am a professional pet sitter who sees lots dogs, cats, birds, fish, but never squirrels! I would love to be your pet sitter when your mom & dad are out of town! What do you think of that? Can I come over soon? April

  16. hi,
    Never thoght we will find a squirrel friend!!
    mummy says we must be friends with all living things, big or small. everyone has something new to teach you about life.

    we think you are rather cute.
    will you be our friend ? do visit our new blog page.
    we promise to try and NOT chase any more of your kind.
    wags, Buddy and Ginger

  17. WOW, we'z never getz to see a squirrel up close...just from the window and we'z got lotz of them living here in the pinez. Mawm alwayz sayz they are our frendz, and (like the birdiez)we'z not supposed to eat them. Mawm even feeds themz pnutz, does Rocky like pnutz too?

    Nice to meet youz,
    Murfee & Maizee