My name is Rocky. My human parents rescued me when I was a tiny baby. I was fed with an eye dropper for several weeks, every two hours, by my mom. My blog will follow my daily adventures. And believe me I have a lot of them!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm being evicted...

from the top of the cupboards. I don't get it. It was a nice little apartment for me. Even though I wasn't very neat and didn't pay my rent on time.

This was my "nest, sweet, nest"! I carried dozens of napkins and kleenex up there and shredded them to just the perfect softness for my bed, clear in the corner.

I even took one of my fleece blankets up there. Now, that was a lot of work!

This what THEY did to keep me from being able to get on top of the cupboards. How rude.

For some reason, mom was mad that I started taking the wallpaper border down. It really wasn't my taste! I prefer something a little more "outdoorsy"!


  1. His antics are so funny. I love his soft nest, I always put out stuff for the squirrels when we lived on base for their nests. They loved the dryer lint. LOL

    Sorry, Rocky hope you find you another place to nest.


  2. Denise I just signed in to follow the journey...I read every post you did girl...I can't believe this squirrel...I have a yard full with 3 peanut boxes for them and they will come up and look in my sun room window if I'm late feeding them ha ha!! Love this...will be back for sure...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. I just love catching up with Rocky's latest antics. Love the photos too. He's so cute ... but you know that already.

  4. What a cozy little nest Rocky was building - lol! Rocky, make sure you listen to mommy and stay out of trouble!!